Ocean Sound Kayaking, Co.

This was my third visit to Haida Gwaii, and having my 65 birthday with such amazing people, in such an incredible place like Gwaii Haanas, goes down as my most memorable birthday to date…

Hans Bruck


Passion, Knowledge and Attention

to the special details make OSK a cut above the rest.

Why settle for second best!

I understand that you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience. So it’s my job to make that happen, and I take that responsibility seriously. I know you want to “do it right”.

Here are some highlights of why you wont be disappointed when joining a sea kayak vacation with Ocean Sound Kayaking.

From Start to Finish – Local Knowledge

Being a small owner/operated family business that works exclusively in Haida Gwaii provides you with a full circle experience. From that initial conversation and email, to helping you throughout your planning stages, to finally meeting in Haida Gwaii, is a unique feature that I can offer.

Each tour is a one of a kind experience, as they are YOUR tours. I focus on tailoring each tour to your expectations, needs, skill level and overall desires. By thinking small, you get the attention you deserve.

We Know the Terrain

Knowledge, Familiarity, and safety are advantages I deliver from two decades of travel through Haida Gwaii. It’s nice to have a friend travelling with you that knows the local landscape.

Kayaking Haida Gwaii since 1989, has built a solid relationship with the locals and the communities in this remote location. OSK’s experience and connections gives you access to enchanting sites like no guidebook can.


We Love to Eat!

Eating well is a must – and we enjoy doing it!

Using fresh local produce I provide a well-balanced diet that emphasizes flavor and nourishment, while quality, quantity and variety are never compromised. With years of experience, I cook almost all meals over an open fire, complimented by the use of an outback oven to bake: bread, Carrot Cake, and our guests’ favorite Yam Brownie. Delivering that home cooked meal.

While kayaking Gwaii Haanas, I try to fish when possible to provide a freshly caught meal. For those that do not eat fish or red meat, these are added as side dishes for everyone’s enjoyment.

A full breakfast is served daily with fresh fruits, hot drinks, omelets, French toast, whole grain pan cakes, and much more. Lunch, on route, tends to be deli style complemented by hearty salads, and chocolate!!! Dinner is always 3 courses, with a surprise for dessert.

I can accommodate any dietary restrictions if given an appropriate time to prepare for.


Unlike other outfitters who have a minimum guest requirement to ensure that YOUR trip of a lifetime will play out, I believe if you are making a commitment to travel with Ocean Sound Kayaking, I MUST also deliver that commitment back to you – with a 100% trip departure, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


Haida Gwaii is not a mass-market destination- thank goodness! It’s not the cheapest region to visit either, but the experiences found here are like nothing else in the world.

Operating in a remote region within a short season, means I encounter expenses that do not apply to more heavily travelled destinations. I pride myself as being thorough when it comes to planning for contingencies and ensuring your experience is second to none.

Pay Less and Get More! When comparing the cost of other outfitters in Gwaii Haanas, my guests often benefit from a longer tour for the same or cheaper price. Allowing your money to go further on your vacation without any compromises…

Advantages of a Mixed Fleet of Fibre Glass Kayaks

With over two decades of kayaking Haida Gwaii, I have tried all types of kayak combinations to create an efficient, safe and team environment for your sea kayak vacation. I feel the mix fleet option to a self-support expedition the ideal scenario.


Some outfitters choose to travel exclusively using single kayaks,  unfortunately the group can ONLY travel to the weakest paddler’s ability, which could result in a lot of down time when a cohesive skill level of kayakers is not booked on your tour.  Resulting in a disappointed day or vacation with limited options.

Using all double sea kayaks, can be a rewarding way to travel; however, these Outfitters operate with the largest guide client ratio standards in Gwaii Haanas.


Cohesive Group Travel:  By using a mix fleet of 6 single kayaks and 2 double kayaks, simply creates “options” for safe group travel in a remote wilderness setting.  My tours are designed for both experienced and beginner kayakers.  If you’re a beginner kayaker that may not have the confidence or skill set for the daily objective a double kayak can be a comfortable solution for you.

Food and Storage:  Eating well is a must when on vacation, and we love to cook!  Not only does the use of 2 doubles add safety and comfort to your kayak vacation, they provide storage for a well-equipped wilderness kitchen, where imagination is your only limitation.  More importantly the additional center hatches will store all the fresh fruits and vegetables for our coastal cuisine, unlike using all single kayaks where space can be at a premium, resulting in a limited or dehydrated menu.

Small Group Size: I use the Nimbus Telkwa Series and Seaward Tyee Kayaks for my 6 single kayaks to accommodate a small group size of 8 guests and two guides for my Gwaii Haanas kayak trips.

My double sea kayaks, Sea Ward -Passat G3 and Nimbus- Scana kayaks provide a unique experience! They offer a paddler a more leisurely day when desired, and provides a kayaker confidence when needed.

OSK mixed fleet gives you the freedom, the comfort, the confidence, and the experience you deserve!