Trip of a Life Time! My trip to Haida Gwaii was filled with plenty of Giggles, Knowledgeable Guides, Fabulous Food, Beautiful Scenery, and the perfect amount of challenges…

Chris & Deb Hay


Designed with you in mind – this tour is ideal for families, beginner kayakers, or the all out adventurer, as its itinerary is flexible to the groups overall goals and objectives.

Two of my top 5 Haida Gwaii campsites are found on this particular tour.  An area seldom traveled by sea kayakers, it has everything you would want to experience from Haida Gwaii.

Cumshewwa Inlet and Laskeek Bay alone can fill any natural history or wildlife enthusiast’s – Bucket List.  Each day will present new experiences like Haida cultural sites, sea lion and seal hallouts, bird colonies, old growth forests, while being back dropped by a diverse coastal landscape for your enjoyment.

The standing totem poles found at Skedans are a highlight to the tour.  These poles just like the ones found in Gwaii Haanas National Park were abandoned well over a century ago, telling stories of their ancestry past.

This 5 Day Haida Gwaii Tour is guaranteed to satisfy your desire to get away from it all!

Reviewing the Tour Map allows guests the opportunity to get familiar with the highlights, wildlife, and geographical locations of the tour.

One of the greatest features of this tour is its flexibility.  Since the tour is a short distance from Sandspit, what you do not experience on your kayak tour (due to weather, group interests, or you’re simply trying to see it all) you can experience it on your transport back to Sandspit.

Making this 5 Day Haida Gwaii kayak tour a complete package.

Day 1- 4 Ocean Sound Kayaking, Co.

Designed to be educational, fun, and relaxing, your vacation will begin from Sandspit, BC, the location of the islands airport.   My friends from Moresby Explorers will pick you up from your accommodations in Sandspit at 730 Am.  They will transport you to Moresby Camp, where you will have a 30-minute zodiac ride to our remote location within Laskeek Bay.

This is a self-propelled kayak tourand once introduced to our mixed fleet of single and double kayaks , our goal is to travel safely in accordance with the weather, tides, and general interests of the group.

Each day you will explore somewhere new and exciting.

Whither its playing with a sea star, or nudibranch in a tide pool close to camp, or enjoying the marine ecosystem while paddling along the shore at low tide, your guaranteed to enjoy the intertidal that Haida Gwaii is known for.

Ocean Sound Kayaking, Co.

The Village of Skedans is a highlight to this tour.  The Haida name for this village is K’uuna, which means Grizzly Bear Town.  Abandoned well over a century ago, the remaining standing totem poles tell the stories of past ancestors.  Though the site is outside Gwaii Haanas, it is co-managed by Parks Canada and Haida Heritage Sites.

Day excursions to the villages of Cumshewwa and Kunhalas, or New Klue are also feasible.

The many islands and islets found in Laskeek Bay are not only exciting to kayak, but they are ideal habitat for the many seal and Stellar Sea Lions that hall out in the area.  While the nutrient rich waters feed whales such as Minke, Humpback and the occasional pod of Orcas.   Feeding on krill, and small fish, a Humpback whale will consume over 1.5 tons of food a day.  While the females are slightly larger than the males (45- 50 feet), these whales are capable of breeching their 40 tons completely out of the water – sight never to be forgotten.

Haida Gwaii is known for BIG trees!  The provincial tree of BC is the western red cedar (Thuja Plicata), it is also known to the northwest natives as the “Tree of Life”.  There will be opportunities to view these giants, while reflecting on how the Haida uses this resourceful tree for ornaments, canoes, totem poles, and clothing.

Ocean Sound Kayaking, Co.

Besides big vistas and amazing sunsets, you can have the opportunity to fish from a kayak.  Yes, fishing is often a highlight to a trip, as you have the chance to provide yourself with a freshly caught meal- something no restaurant can offer…

From our camp, we will stop and walk the many trails found on Limestone Island. Limestone Island is an Ecological Reserve and research camp for the Laskeek Bay Conservation Society.  Here Global Biologists study the islands flora and fauna, along with an in-depth look at the ancient murrelet- A Species at Risk, which burrows on this island.

And we haven’t even touched on the birds, coast line or the rich pre and post European history found in this area…

Day 5

The afternoon of the final day will be spent travelling back to your accommodations in Sandspit.  Except your adventure does not stop here.   There will be opportunities to stop while travelling back to Moresby Camp to fill your Bucket List.

Below is an outline boundary of the waters that kayakers could travel.

Please click on “[ ] view larger map” in the top right corner for details on highlights, wildlife, and geographic locations.

Below are the specific charts associated to this tour.  Guests are not required to bring their own charts; as your guides will be referring to theirs with the daily objectives while on the trip. Guests can purchase charts from Map Town or from the CHS (Canadian Hydrographic Service)

Chart # 3853 Cape St James/Cumshewa/Tasu Sound 1:150,000
This large scale chart covers the entire waters of Gwaii Haanas


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