Ocean Sound Kayaking, Co.


What experience do I need?
Since 1989 OSK has introduced many people to Sea Kayaking.   My trips are designed for both beginner and experienced paddlers.  Each trip is unique, as they are “your” tours.  I try to tailor each trip to the specific skill base of the group, tour expectations and overall guest experience.  More important than a person’s kayaking skill, is that ALL guests must have camping experiences to ensure their comfort while in such a remote wilderness location.
How long do we paddle in a day?
Efficient use of the tides, weather patterns and local topography, paddlers can find themselves exploring great distances very easily!  I tend to paddle 2.5- 3 hrs in the morning, as well as the afternoon.  There is usually plenty of opportunity to rest or to go to shore while on route. The biggest factor in a day’s outing is weather, and the skill base of the group.  Longer days may be desired to get ourselves in a favorable location with approaching weather, or even shortened due to tides and weather.
How fit do I need to be?
If you live a healthy active lifestyle you will be fine.  Age means nothing to me ever since I met 78 year young Roddy from California.  Whose spirit for adventure has outpaced anyone I have met to date.
Can you accommodate my dietary allergy?
Yes. Given enough time I can accommodate most food allergies.  It really comes down to communications so I can adjust accordingly.
What is the weather like?
If I could rub that crystal ball every spring, every trip would be filled with double rainbows without the rain… That said Haida Gwaii is the largest temperate rainforest on our BC coast, but it does not mean that it rains all the time.  The driest paddling season tends to be the later part of June to early September which is really the operating season. The average temperature for July and August is 17-20 C.  However in 2015, record breaking temperatures well into the 30’s were set throughout Haida Gwaii.
Do you offer group or custom tours?
Everything from honeymoons, birthdays, anniversaries, family vacations, exclusive groups, conferences and skill based excursions has been offered since 1989.   It’s best to contact me early to plan so you can get what you desire. Many guests return to Haida Gwaii as they realise its virtually untouched and the potential for discovery is limitless.   They also return to challenge themselves with a skill base tour.
What is the minimum age for a trip?
I try not to judge age; however families should contact me so we can work out a suitable tour for your family vacation.
Can I have a single tent?
Absolutely! Whether you are travelling solo or with a friend this does not require you to share your personal space.
What is the difference between an expedition and base camp tour?
Both types of tours offer equal amount of kayaking time.  What it really comes down to is how you wish to spend your day. My expeditions tend to travel to a new camp each day, which means breaking camp and making a new home daily.  Expeditions also provides you with the opportunity to explore a variety of landscapes unique to kayaking Haida Gwaii. My base camp tours tend to use 3 or 4 strategically placed remote wilderness camps.  From these camps guests may find a more leisurely environment as it takes time to dismantle and recreate camp on a daily routine like my expedition tours.   Basecamp tours usually are not so tide dependant, where early starts may be required for efficient expedition travel.  From these camps guests will enjoy a variety of day trips that allow you to intimately explore the surrounding landscape.
Can I RESERVE and PADDLE a single kayak?

Using a mix fleet of fibreglass kayaks composing of 6 singles and 2 doubles, for 10 guests, I unfortunately I do not reserve single kayaks for guests.

My approach has always been, if everyone takes a turn in a double kayak for a day, this will free up the remainder of the tour for you to try our various single kayaks for the rest of your sea kayak vacation.

Remember a single kayak is a self propelled vessel, while a double can look attractive with its two engines on a long objective.