Ocean Sound Kayaking, Co.


Personal Gear List

With years of experience, our gear list outlines: the correct items, the proper materials, and how our guests should pack for their tour with OSK.  View our recommended gear list.

Travel Arrangements

Before any guest can reserve their Gwaii Haanas sea kayak tour with OSK, guests need to have an idea of how they will be travelling to Sandspit, BC the staging community for all of our Haida Gwaii tours.

Our tours will be in a remote coastal environment exposed to a diversity of weather conditions and transportation to/from Gwaii Haanas may require last minute adjustments from our transport providers. It is for these reasons that we require all travel arrangements to be made NO later than the day before the tour start date, and leave island NO sooner than the day after the tours scheduled last day.

Guests often enjoy a few extra days exploring Haida Gwaii before or after their kayak trip.  If possible add these days prior to your trip, so any “HICK UPS” with connecting flights, or luggage can have time to be resolved.


Once you have an idea of what your travel arrangements look like and have RESERVED a spot on your desired Haida Gwaii kayak tour, guests need to arrange for their on island accommodations. Sandspit is a small community of roughly 250 people, and beds can be very limited at the various B&B’s, Hotels, and Lodges found in town.

Medical and Trip Insurance

Most people have insurance without knowing it through their credit card, health plan, personal insurance, etc. I strongly recommend that all guests have travel insurance to cover any unexpected situations and illnesses that could arise before and especially during your tour in Gwaii Haanas, as any evacuation from this remote location “WILL” be costly.

For Out of Province and Non-Canadian Residents this should be a must for you as medical costs and evacuations can be very expensive. See your travel agent for further information regarding coverage in British Columbia, Canada. Tour delays can be costly, whether its due to bad weather, cancelled or delayed transportation (flights, ferries or zodiac), and illness or like situations that Ocean Sound Kayaking cannot control, are not included in the tour costs.

Books and References

All tours will have a small library for guests to enjoy and reference to while kayaking with Ocean Sound Kayaking. These books will cover the Flora and Fauna of the islands, Aquatic ecosystems, and Haida Culture. Below are some suggestions for those that wish to do some pre-tour reading.

  • Haida Monumental Art
  • Those Born At Koona
  • A Guide to the Queen Charlotte Islands
  • To The Charlottes- George Dawson’s 1878 Survey
  • Islands At The Edge Islands

Available books in our kayak library for you:

  • The Golden Spruce: A True Story of Myth, Madness, and Greed
  • The Queen Charlotte Islands,-Places and Names Vol. 2
  • Ninstants- Haida World Heritage Site
  • Ravens Cry
  • Chiefs of the Sea and Sky

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.