Having a pod of dolphins playing around our kayaks, is my new gold seal to a perfect day…

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Guaranteed an experience of a life time.  This tour will focus on the abundant estuaries, and watersheds throughout the northern boundary of Gwaii Haanas, during a time when few visitors are present in the park.  With the return of the pink salmon, a species that migrates to Haida Gwaii every two years, this unique migration becomes a vital part of the food web for species such as: Sea Lions, Seals, Bald Eagles, Black Bears and the occasional pod of Killer Whales, makes wildlife viewing an unforgettable experience.

Each day will present you with new discoveries.  The shoreline here is diverse and exciting, and the scenery is vast.  A visit to the Haida village of Tanu, the resting place of Haida Artist Bill Ried, is always a calming experience. While paddling north, the tour will end with the Totem Poles of Skedans Village. Here ancient poles tell the stories of the past.

Below is a general overview of the area, while the exact tour itinerary will be set by the guests overall interests, tides, and weather.

Reviewing the Tour Map allows guests the opportunity to get familiar with the highlights, wildlife, and geographical locations of the tour.

Day 1 

Your tour starts with my friends from Moresby Explorers picking you up at your accommodations in Sandspit, the location of the islands main air port. They will entertain you with stories and show you coastal attractions while transporting you by zodiac to a remote location in Gwaii Haanas. At this point we will establish a campsite near Hot Springs Island. Our goal is to travel safely in accordance with the weather, tides, and general interest of the group. Paddling to the natural springs for a soak that evening will allow guests to get familiar with our mixed fleet of single and double kayaks.

Day 2 – 9

Ocean Sound Kayaking, Co.The next day we will enjoy exploring the many islands and islets surrounding our camp seeing old home stead’s, seal hall outs, blue heron colonies, and superb inter tidal. Breaking camp will allow guests to travel through the Bishops Islands, towards Darwin Sound. Here our new camp will be back dropped by the San Christoval Mountains. Darwin Sound allows the opportunity to explore the many estuaries and water sheds. Here we will see the migrating salmon occur, and hopefully a bear in the distance. A hike to an alpine lake, or discovering one of the many waterfalls in the area, is also an option for a days outing. This area is rich in Haida Myths and past communities to explore!

Next we establish camp in close proximity to the village of Tanu. A once flourishing village, its calm environment is the resting place of Haida Artist, Bill Ried. Here walks in old growth forests displays tree scares where ancient Haida had once stripped bark or culled trees for everyday items.

Continuing our journey north, guest will paddle past the fjord like topography of Porter and Hemming Head. Once across, camp is set up near Vertical Point. The uplift of the limestone formations along this shoreline here gives its name and a west coast feel. Not far from this camp is the ecological reserve of Limestone Island, where in the summer months biologists research the ever changing coastal ecosystems in the area. A relaxing walk on one of the many flagged trails on Limestone Island allows guests the opportunity to experience this natural sanctuary.

Day 10

On our final day we are picked up by Zodiac and transported back to Moresby Camp where we make our way back to the comforts of Sandspit.

Please note that Mother Nature has the final word on tour itineraries and the above is just a general overview.


Below is an outline boundary of the waters that kayakers could travel.

Click on ” [ ] to view larger map” in the top right corner for details on highlights, wildlife, and geographic locations.


Below are the specific charts associated to this tour.  Guests are not required to bring their own charts; as your guides will be referring to theirs with the daily objectives while on the trip. Guests can purchase charts from Map Town or from the CHS (Canadian Hydrographic Service)

Chart # 3853 Cape St James/Cumshewa/Tasu Sound 1:150,000
This large scale chart covers the entire waters of Gwaii Haanas
Chart # 3808 Juan Perez Sound 1:37,500
Chart # 3894 Selwyn Inlet – Lawn Point 1:73,026
Chart # 3807 Atli Inlet – Selwyn Inlet 1:37,500


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