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Gwaii Haanas National Park/ Reserve

Gwaii Haanas is a Global Leader in Conservation

With approximately 4900 square kilometers from mountaintop to ocean floor, Gwaii Haanas is the largest integrated sea – land conservation management area in the World! It engulfs over 200 islands, offers sea kayakers 1,700 km of shoreline, and has more than 800 watersheds to explore.

Gwaii Haanas National Park/Reserve was rated #1 National Park in North America by the National Geographic Society, amongst a survey of more than 200 parks.

Cultural Treasures of Haida Gwaii

Haida Native Totem Poles - SGaang Gwaay (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Unique to the world are the expressions of the Haida Totem Poles.   Abandoned well over a century ago, these totems have stood the test of time as they display the crests and stories of the past. A highlight to Gwaii Haanas kayak tours is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of SGang Gwaay.  Native Totems can also be found in the remote villages of Windy Bay, Chaattl, Skedans, Tian and Kiusta.Many of your campsites will be ancient Haida sites, allowing you to discover old Meden’s,  Cultural Modified Trees (CMT’s), fish weirs, canoe runouts, a dugout canoe, and with a keen eye, old trading beads can be found.

Natural Wonders of Haida Gwaii

Sea Kayak Touring in a Birders Paradise

img_uniqueness_1Gwaii Haanas has over 750,000, or an estimated 25% of all breeding seabirds in BC.  While millions more stop during their migrations. It is the only confirmed nesting site in Western Canada for horned puffins. There are more bald eagle nests per kilometer of shoreline than anywhere else in Canada, and it boasts the highest breeding density of Peregrine falcons in the world!

Other sea birds such as Tufted Puffins, Rhinoserous Auklets, Artic Loons, Pigeon Gillemonts, are a common sight in Gwaii Haanas.

Sea Kayaking Gwaii Haanas Unique Inter Tidal Ecosystems

img_uniqueness_2Sea kayaking Moresby Island’s eastern shoreline, known as Burnaby Narrows, offers sea kayakers to experience an unparalleled marine ecosystem. Studies conducted by Parks Canada, have determined that this area contains more than 290 species of marine wildlife. This channel has some of the highest levels of living material, (“biomass”) of any inter tidal zone in the World!

Parks Canada conducted a survey of Burnaby Narrows and it revealed that bat stars were counted at a density of 74 per square meter, in contrast to a survey done on Vancouver Island that found just seven per square meter.

Exceptional Marine Wildlife

Ocean Sound Kayaking, Co.The deep waters of the Pacific, and the shallows of Hecate Strait on the east side of Moresby Island, create one of the most nutrient rich water corridors in British Columbia. This provides a migratory path for Humpback Whales, Finn Whales, Gray Whales, Killer Whales, and the endangered Wright Whales. It is also home to Pacific White Sided Dolphins, Harbour Seals, and the largest colony of Stellar Sea Lions in British Columbia!

Record Holding Old Growth Trees

Ocean Sound Kayaking, Co.Haida Gwaii’s forest is largely composed of Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Hemlock and Alder.   Many of these tree species hold the title for the largest tree in BC.   Some of these giant trees in Haida Gwaii are older than Christopher Columbus’ Great Voyage!

For more information visit, BC Big Tree

Guaranteed True Wilderness Camping

Gwaii Haanas has no designated campsites, guaranteeing guests a true wilderness camping experience. This provides you with the opportunity to explore sites that very few have visited before.  The temperate rainforest and its moss floor provides a restful sleep, while walking among the towering old growth trees speaks of times past and present.

Tides Matching the Bay of Fundy

Ocean Sound Kayaking, Co.While kayak touring in Haida Gwaii paddlers can experience tidal variations that exceed 20 feet in an impressive 6 hours.  This tidal variations helps kayakers to travel great distances from its free energy.  These great tide variations also provide our sea kayak trips with the best opportunity of viewing aquatic ecosystems in British Columbia!

Fall Bears and Salmon

Ocean Sound Kayaking, Co.The Conservation model of Gwaii Haanas allows paddlers the exclusive opportunity to witness the annual salmon migration.  In addition every two years (even years) the pink salmon will migrate in impressive numbers unmatched anywhere on our BC coast.

With the return of the salmon these watersheds become an important part of the food chain.  Trees fill with Bald Eagles, seals and sea lions migrate to the creeks, and Killer Whale sighting become more frequent.  It is an ideal time for kayakers to view the largest black bears in the World!